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PowerPoint Demonstration: Overhead Projectors

Demonstration recorded, on 2015-03-20 in Mountain View, California.
© Computer History Museum

Dennis Austin, co-designer and lead developer of PowerPoint 1.0 and lead on later versions of PowerPoint, briefly demonstrates the use of overhead projectors for speaker presentations. PowerPoint 1.0 for Mac was made to generate overhead presentations. Austin discusses the practice of overhead presentations both before, and after, the existence of presentation software.

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Lot Number: X7444.2015
Catalog Number: 102740036
WarthogRacer : These were still used when I was in Elementary school in the mid-to-late 90s.
Mikell Williams : Last time I saw one of these was back in 2006, and I was in elementary school then.
dorpth : Honestly, in a teaching environment where you're constantly taking questions and having to come up with new examples on the fly, I'd say these are more useful than a Power Point presentation. As long as you don't NEED super detailed illustrations or video.
James S : Haven't seen one of those working since high school. And that wasn't long ago at all.

Didn't know PowerPoint started off by actually printing to OHTs. It's obvious now that it's mentioned, just never made the connection.
Pizzakoch LP : These are still used in schools here in Germany. Last year i was on my last year in a school comparable to a „high school“ and these where still used by some teachers.

OHP 필름으로 빔 프로젝터 만들기


-박스 가로10cm x 세로 10cm, OHP필름, 전구3v, 배터리팩

OHP As A Teaching Aid

Nidhi Nandwani : Such a beautiful demonstration about OHP... Thanx Mam
Jyoti Kharolia : Vry thnx mam really vry helpfull video
The Triple M Vlogs : hi
nice videoso helpful
i have one similar but still don't know how it works
how much is it in your country?
Koteswara Rao : (OHP)This is very useful for (PHCT/OHT) orthopaedical handicapped teachers. Super presentation madam
Pooja Kenisha : Very beautifully explained. ..




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