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LVDS Overview

TI LVDS Portfolio

What is low voltage differential signaling? Is LVDS a display interface? Do
you understand the difference between LVDS, OLDI, and FPD-Links? This video
will answer your questions about LVDS RX, TX and buffer.

This video provides an overview of LVDS technology, explains how the LVDS
driver, receiver and buffer operate, and clarifies the difference between
LVDS and other interfaces.

LVDS Owner's Manual

LVDS Design Notes
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TI Precision Labs – LVDS: What is LVDS?

Solve your high-speed data transmission challenges with TI's broad portfolio of LVDS devices

In this series we are going to discuss low-voltage differential signaling, or
LVDS for short.  In this first session, we will go over the fundamentals of
LVDS – what it is, how it works, and where it can be used. This will
include the architecture, electrical characteristics, and application use

Download and install TINA-TI, the preferred simulator used exclusively with TI Precision Labs.

Find transceivers, SerDes and signal conditioners for more than 20 protocols
This One : free classes from TI

LVDS, SubLVDS and Application Example

Introduction for LVDS, SubLVDS digital interface, and one application example.
Carecr Yang : Hello, micro, I am using a LVDS driver DS90C401, but suffering some trouble. I don't know when i input a sine wave to Din, why its output Dout- + are not sine wave.




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