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This 3D medical animation shows a basic overview of bone tissue anatomy, including blood forming stem cells and bone cells (osteoblasts and osteoclasts). It also covers osteoporosis, including its causes, prevention, and treatment.

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John Almogela : "Skeletons are made out of bones"
Me: yes.
The ghost of Spookwagen : That moment when iDubbz actually leads you to learn something.
Ismail Zouaoui : Here is a Transcript of the Video: (Maybe it's gonna help more)

Together with muscles, strong bones enable the body to move freely, bones have a solid outer surface called compact bone, the inner bone called spongy bone, because it is less dense then compact bone, and has many small holes like a sponge.
Bones contains cells called Osteoclasts that break down bone tissues, other cells called Osteoblasts make new bone tissue using minerals such as Calcium and Phosphate from blood, hormones such as Estrogen growth hormones and Testosterone help keep the number and activity of Osteoblasts higher then Osteoclasts so that more bone is made then removed.
Physical forces and pressure during exercise also help bone to grow stronger and denser
These processes allow bone to grow strong in children and young adults, people have their strongest, most dense called peak bone mass in their 30s, after this age Osteoclast gradually remove more bone then the osteoblasts make.
Osteoporosis is a condition that lead to weaken bones causing them to break more easily, healthy bone is dense enough to support and protect the body and to handle the stresses of movement and minor injuries, however people with Osteoporosis have abnormally thin bones, with larger holes in the spongy bone
There are two types of Osteoporosis:
Primary Osteoporosis: is usually related to older age as well as reduce amount of estrogen in women
Secondary Osteoporosis: Affect both children and adults, it is related to other issues or conditions, such as:
Cancer, hormone problems, or use of certain medication
A person has a greater risk for either type of Osteoporosis, if they don’t develop enough bone mass when they are growing from childhood to adulthood.
Risk factors that can lead to low peak bone mass include:
•    A family history of Osteoporosis
•    Being White of Asian
•    Being female
•    A Poor diet
•    Certain medication (such as steroids or certain seizure medication)
•    Lack of physical activity (and weight bearing exercise)
•    Life style behavior (such as smoking, Drinking Alcohol)

A person also has a greater risk for either type of Osteoporosis
If they have a abnormal amount of bone loss after age 30
Some bone loss is normal after this age; however, a person with the same risk factures for low peek bone mass can be more likely to get osteoporosis as they age.

Increased bone loss, is also common in women after the time of woman last period called Menopause, after Menopause, a woman Ovary stop making the hormone Estrogen, with the dropping hormone, bone removing cells called Osteoclasts are more active than the bone making cells called Osteoblasts, bones may break or fracture easily because they are unable to withstand the physical strain and pressure from even normal activities.
Common fracture locations in people with Osteoporosis include the wrist, spine and hips
Building strong healthy bones through a diet rich of Calcium and Vitamins and getting regular exercise can help prevent as well as treat Osteoporosis.
Common medications for Osteoporosis include:
Selective estrogen (receptor modulators (SERMS) )
In general these medications act on Bone removing Cells (Osteoclasts)

Parathyroid hormone act on Bone making Cells (Osteoblasts)
Foods or supplements containing Calcium and Vitamin D
Earthdestroyer : Falls into wheelchair "I have osteoporosis"
Green Boi : So if Idubbz truly was diagnosed with osteoporosis he would have likely broken his back when landing on the wheelchair

Osteoporosis - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is when there’s a higher breakdown of bone in comparison to the formation of new bone which results in porous bones, meaning a decrease in bone density to the point of potential fracture.

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Melvin Fuentes : After reading many papers on the epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, risks, treatment, diagnosis and prognosis of osteoporosis, this video summarizes everything I've read in less than 10 minutes. Perfect!!
May the Science be with You : You should mention that high levels of Vitamin D in combination with litte Ca in your gut will will cause osteoporosis to increase. That's because the main purpose of Vitamin D is not to build bone. It's purpose is to regulate Ca homeostasis. Meaning it regulates how much Ca is inbetween your cells. This is very important. If needed, VitD will drag the Ca out of your bones if it can't get it from your gut.
So it's important to supplement VitaminD with Calcium, if your diet is low on Ca, as the whole purpose of VitD is to get Ca.
The good thing is that naturally is is impossible to overdose on VitD, as the body makes sure you don't have too much of it. Except if you have certain genetic dispositions. If you don't, then the only way to overdose and intoxicate yourself is by using too much VitD supplements. Yes, you Vit-D zealots, you can have too much VitD by taking pills. Always check with your doctor if you need any kind of supplements. Ten to 20 minutes for a pale skinned person in the sun is more than enough to get your daily dose of VitD. Also, it is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning, the body is able to store it.
Uma Ananth : Thorough and concise presentation on Osteoporosis. Thank you!
ITZ_PK Gacha #2 there's 2 of meh : You helped me get an A in science thank y
HewowJow : Honestly, THE best educational video I have seen to this date- thank you so much!

Osteoporosis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Drs. Pelin Batur from our Women's Health Institute and Chad Deal, Head of the Center for Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disease discuss osteoporosis, it's causes, symptoms and treatments.
Alba Quiroz : Very good conversation
7th From Adam : Thank you. Awesome and extremely helpful info on osteoporosis. I'll check out your website.
Aya Salah Youssef : Thank you! It was really helpful.
Lana Iannuccilli : Doc said I have severe osteoporosis ... I have been having occasional pain in both arms it just happens suddenly and is extremely painful... is that possibly due to osteoporosis ? I’ve always worked out at gym & do lots of yoga at 5’1 106lbs. 75 yrs young . Thanks I’d appreciate your input!!!
Bonnie Robinson : Good discussion. This is a very scary subject.




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