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Installing Windows 98 on a Modern Laptop

Join me on my quest to keep old software alive despite the ever-changing landscape of PC hardware! Will Windows 98 thrive on a system made twenty years later, or will it be more like an old man trying to figure out TikTok? Let's find out together!

Download the synthwave Windows 98 logo (yes, the website works on Windows 98):

Synthwave Windows 98 background image created by Rafaël De Jongh under Yama.Digital LLC. Modified and redistributed with permission.

Music by DDRKirby(ISQ) used with permission -

I tried to sync up the CRT refresh rate with the camera shutter speed and this was the best I could get, I have a feeling the camera's 1/60 is actually more like 1/59.3242 or something. Also I wonder how well those specs for "your $3,000 gaming rig" will age lul. Also sorry about the weird mic noises in some of the clips in the second half, I was trying a new recording setup and it sucks.

Download Olive:

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Windows 98 Second Edition - Installation in Virtualbox

Here is a video tutorial on how to install Windows 98 Second Edition in Virtualbox!



Windows 98 Second Edition:


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Install Windows 98 from USB Flash Drive with Easy2Boot

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