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Places - Lost in Time: Broad Street Station, London

Hello, and welcome back to Places - Lost in Time, a series that looks back on the tale of places and locations that have existing within living memory or photographic record, but are now lost to the pages of history.

London has long prided itself on its beautiful railway terminals, stations which in and of themselves are city landmarks, and are able to combine the functionality of a modern transport hub with the old-world architecture that makes them so revered.

Sadly, not every one of the original London terminals survives to this day, and in this video, we'll be taking a look at the lost London station people seem to remember the most, Broad Street, a commuter terminus that was among the first to directly serve the old city, but only saw a heyday of around 10 to 15 years, more of its existence spent in steady decline rather than as a success.

All video content and images in this production have been provided with permission wherever possible. While I endeavour to ensure that all accreditations properly name the original creator, some of my sources do not list them as they are usually provided by other, unrelated YouTubers. Therefore, if I have mistakenly put the accreditation of 'Unknown', and you are aware of the original creator, please send me a personal message at my Gmail (this is more effective than comments as I am often unable to read all of them):

The views and opinions expressed in this video are my personal appraisal and are not the views and opinions of any of these individuals or bodies who have kindly supplied me with footage and images.

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Thanks again, everyone, and enjoy! :D


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MPG Primer: Introduction to Perturb-seq analysis

June 24, 2021
Medical and Population Genetics Primer
Broad Institute

Ayshwarya Subramanian
Introduction to Perturb-seq analysis

The Primer on Medical and Population Genetics is a series of informal weekly discussions of basic genetics topics that relate to human populations and disease. Experts from across the Broad Institute community give in-depth introductions to the basic principles of complex trait genetics, including human genetic variation, genotyping, DNA sequencing methods, statistics, data analysis, and more.

Videos of these sessions are made freely available for viewing here and are geared toward a wide audience that includes research technicians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and established investigators just entering the field.

For more information, please visit:

-Program in Medical Population Genetics (
-Primer videos (

For more information visit:

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Printing the record: Broad’s artist-in-residence on turning scientific data into artist books

Printing the record: Broad’s artist-in-residence on turning scientific data into artist books

A virtual conversation with Ben Denzer on the intersection of art, science, and the book.

Presented by the Broad Institute's Artist-in-Residence Program

Ben Denzer, Broad’s artist-in-residence, has spent the past year exploring the Institute, speaking with scientists, and making large spiral bound artist books. Join Ben as he introduces the term “artist book,” shares the context around his body of work, and presents the titles he has been publishing while in residence at the Broad.

These books include 60,000 IMMORTAL INDIVIDUALS (a catalog of public information on individuals whose cells are “immortalized” in cell lines used for scientific research) and 12,000 SKIN CELLS (a set of three books each containing images of fibroblast cells from people with and without bipolar disorder and schizophrenia). Ben will also share images from ongoing projects, including a photographic catalog of every named machine at the Broad Institute.

About the artist: Ben Denzer is an artist, designer, and publisher interested in how information is cataloged and preserved. Ben designs and publishes Catalog Press (a small edition artist press), runs the Instagram @ice_cream_books (praised by Bella Hadid as “the most important Instagram out there today”), and teaches design and artist book courses at SVA, Parsons, and The Center for Book Arts. His work has been collected by The Met, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and the University of Oxford among other institutions.

Art and Science Connection at Broad

Art and science are ways that we try to explain our place in the world and tackle unanswered questions. Whether through paint brushes or petri dishes, the creativity, conceptualization, and discovery inherent to both art and science place them surprisingly close on the continuum of efforts to make sense of our world. Broad's artist-in-residence program allows leading scientists and forward-thinking artists to work, communicate, and learn together to benefit both science and art, spurring the creative thinking that drives innovation.

For more information visit:

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