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Skirt was torn. Big dance Fail!


Primitive Life Ep 12: People in the forest lift a skirt to find fruit on ethnic girls

Primitive Life Ep 12: People in the forest lift a skirt to find fruit on ethnic girls
#forestpeopletcx #SurvivalDailyTCX #primitivetcx

How to make a DIY Plaid Skirt with Two Slits in the front || Shania DIY

A diy video tutorial on how to make a plaid skirt with two front slits.


⇨How to make a torso block tutorial:

⇨Download a free torso block:
⇨DIY Selena T-Shirt:

⇨DIY Top with Sheer Puff Sleeves:

⇨DIY Plaid Overalls from Scratch:

01:25 Beginning of tutorial (making the front pattern)
01:50 How to transfer dart
02:34 How to separate the front of skirt into 3 panels
03:21 Transferring the back pattern of the skirt
03:54 Transferring the patterns to the fabric
05:02 Cutting the patterns from the fabric
05:57 How to transfer a dart from pattern to fabric
07:14 How to baste stitch a dart before sewing
09:24-11:02 How to install a zipper into back of skirt
11:03 How to add slits to the front of the skirt
12:01 How to sew the 3 front panels to make 1 front pattern of skirt
12:29 How to sew together the front and back of skirt

WATCH A playlist of DiY Tutorials by Shania:

My sewing machine:
Sewing clips:
My curved ruler:
Zipper :

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About Shania:
Here on my channel, you'll find videos on DiY Fashion Tutorials ✂️, Covers , Vlog entries , style ideas, and much more. My channel is a catalyst for all of the inspirational ideas in my head that make me excited to wake up each morning, and only leave me alone after I bring them to life!!! Above all, here lies a declaration and celebration of not having to stay confined to one hobby, one talent, or one passion. I hope you continue to accompany me on this journey as I continue to share my all the many things I like to do. Everything here is made with lots and lots of love .
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