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SNP-3120 모션감지 설정방법

테크윈 네트워크카메라 SNP-3120 모션감지 세팅방법과 동작확인 방법에대한 설명입니다

SNP's 'gelatinous behaviour' shamed by PM in brutal Commons clash with Ian Blackford

Steve Watson : The left are always just angry with no substance or solutions
Artful Dodger : What's the difference between a Blackford and a jellyfish?
Well, one's a spineless, gutless, heartless, brainless, venomous, slimy, nasty creature whose mouth and anus are the same orifice. The other is a form of sea life.
Tim Neale : Iain Blackford has no brain cells to oprate.
George Veghte : Why Are Most SMP'S Gelatinous Jellyfish? Why Because many where woman's panties.
Razil 1 : Scotch Numpty Party!!
Loki : How can anyone with a serviceable brain cell allow Ian Blackford to represent them in Parliament. If this is the best the Scots have to offer, god help you!




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